Autumn Photography in Lancashire

Raise your hand if you can't wait for fall to begin! 

Autumn is a great time to visit Lancashire.  The nights start to shorten and the leaves start to turn into wondrous colour. 

Today I visited Roddlesworth Woods in Tockholes which is one of my favourite woods for autumn colour. 

I am hoping to visit a few places over the next few weeks as its really essential to visit a wide variety of places to get a sense of Autumn in the North West of England.  

In shadowy woods the brown nuts fall
As sweeps the wind through tree tops tall...
In golden bars through leafy doors
The sunshine falls on forest floors...

A Song of October

Autumn 2017 Finished 2 small watermarked.jpg
Autumn 2017 Finished 1 small watermarked.jpg
Autumn 2017 Finished 3 small watermarked.jpg
Autumn 2017 Finished 4 small watermarked.jpg

Prints from Autumn are available on my Etsy shop here

Peak District Landscape Photography

Peak District Landscape Photography in Derbyshire by Nicola Pearson of secretgardenphotography

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Website finally up and running!!

This week I finally got the website up and running.  The plan is to get some more new photography this year as 2017 is full of travels and adventures.  Additionally I am trying to build up some new sets of prints and calenders to be for sale in my shop eg images of Peak District, Lancashire, UK and Europe.  I hope to be out and about shooting lots of lovely images over the next twelve months but will be available for children's and baby's portrait sessions in North West England.  

Source: www.instagram/secretgardentoyou2

My new website space


Welcome to my new website developed using Squarespace.  

You may already know that I previously had a website under I have decided that 'space' encompasses all of my art including painting as well as photography but didnt want to lose my branding I have built up as this is how everyone knows me.  

So hence my new website is 

Space. Art. Photography. Awesomeness.