About ME


Peachy Roses and Paris Finished 6.jpg

Nicola Pearson UK Fine Art Photographer


It all started when...


Not On The High Street, painting, drawing and just art awesomeness.  

I never really did art at school, I am largely self taught at photography (and art) really in that I mean I got taught how to switch the thing on and stuff and some other stuff from an awesome teachers but since then I have been largely improving my craft from looking, reading and doing or just being out there creating awesome work

Art fits my personality and strengths.  It has me thinking constantly changing and growing and makes me feel happy.  

I believe that everybody has a talent and this is mine.

The Work:  Children's, Babies, Portraits in Lancashire, Manchester and North West England.  Fine Art Photography and Art for your home including wall art through Not On The High Street, Etsy, Society 6, RedBubble.  Featured Work and Commissions.